Why it's important.

We are all part of an increasingly globally connected world, where business success requires effective communication with people and consumers of different cultural backgrounds. Unless we know how to decode other cultures and avoid easy-to-fall-into cultural mistakes, we are prone to misunderstanding, needless conflict and ultimate failure in communicating effectively with colleagues, business partners or consumers of other cultures.

What we do.

We train organisations and coach individuals in their ability and skills to decode cultural differences and to use this knowledge to effectively adapt their own communication and the communication strategies of their brands to these differences.

Our trainings are based on state-of-the-art research and thinking on cultural norms and values across countries, combined with 30 years industry experience in working with people of other cultures and developing effective communication strategies for global brands.

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Your Benefit

After the training your team will have significantly improved their capabilities in communicating both effectively and appropriately with people and consumers of other cultures. They will have practiced applying this know-how to international communication campaigns for brands and to interpersonal communication with colleagues and business partners from other cultures.