Why it's important.

Innovation is the number one priority for achieving business success for virtually every company in the Health & Beauty market. But many new products fail to achieve their targets.

Design Thinking is a systematic and customer-centric approach to developing new products. Identifying customer needs and wants as well as customer interventions are central to the process. Design Thinkers step into the customer shoes - interviewing them and carefully observing their behaviours. Ideas and solutions are developed in cross-functional teams and concretised in the form of prototypes or product concepts so that the target customers can see and test them and provide feedback - long before expensive product development starts.

What we do.

We organise Design Thinking workshops in which cross-functional teams develop new product ideas. The process involves the following steps:

  1. Understand - develop a deep understanding of the market environment and future trends

  2. Observe - observe and gain a deep understanding of customer needs and problems

  3. Define - analyse the collected data and identify the customer need to be solved

  4. Ideate - brainstorm potential solutions, select the ones that best solve the customer need

  5. Prototype - develop some of the ideas into verbal concepts and prototypes

  6. Test - test the prototype with customers and collect input for improvement



Your Benefit

The output of the Design Thinking workshop are new product ideas, based on consumer needs and a deep understanding of the market and upcoming trends, developed by a cross functional team in the form of a verbal concept and prototype, that can immediately be tested with the target group. A very efficient and highly effective method to create new product innovations, tried and tested with many of our clients.