Why it's important.

Internationalising a brand is a huge growth opportunity for companies in the health & beauty industry. But there are also numerous risk potentials. Selling in a foreign country is not business as usual. There are many economic, political-legal, and socio-cultural differences, partially non-existent marketing infrastructures and stiff local competition. Marketing needs to understand these differences to be successful in foreign markets.

What we do.

We coach and train organisations in the marketing skills that are necessary to succeed internationally. This includes: 

  1. International market analysis

  2. Understanding consumer behavior across countries

  3. How cultural values influence communication

  4. Adapting the brand strategy to cultural differences

  5. New product development for international markets

Cultural Values Impacting Consumer Behavior & Communication

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 08.36.14.png

Your Benefit

After the training your team will have significantly improved their know-how and skills in international marketing. They will have learnt the tools and methods to thoroughly analyse and understand the differences across markets and will have practiced applying this know-how to communication and new product development projects for international markets.