Why it's important.

Companies that want to be successful in today's increasingly competitive market place, need to be excellent at both defining their brand strategy as well as leading and coaching their organisation in transforming the strategy into action.

Building strong brands is about a clear strategy that includes:

  1. A strong brand identity

  2. A clear profile of the target customer

  3. Growth priorities (categories / regions)

  4. A focused innovation strategy

  5. An excellently executed marketing mix

The strategy is founded on an excellent understanding of the market environment - the category, competition, channels and consumer behavior - and the company's own core strengths.

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What we do.

We support clients in developing brand strategy by delivering the methodology and tools, steering the process and leading the workshops where the core strategic development work takes place.

We prepare and moderate the workshops which are founded on an in depth analysis of the company's core strengths, the target customer's needs, the competition and the key opportunities in the market. 

This unique methodology enables the stakeholder team to focus on developing the strategic content of the brand strategy.

Your Benefit

The outcome will be a clearly defined brand strategy articulating the brand's core identity, the core customer's it wants to target, it's priority areas for growth and the focus areas for innovation and new product development.

Developing your brand strategy with key stakeholders is a key prerequisite for ensuring that the strategy will be executed. It is then the stakeholder team's task, to ensure that everyone in the company knows and understands the strategy, so that it can be executed and brought to life at every level of the organisation. Strategy Presentations, Strategy Workshops, or Strategy Round Tables are ideal tools to start the implementation process.