Why it's important.

Positioning is the unique place a brand and its products occupy in the minds of its consumers. It expresses how you differentiate your brand versus competition in ways that are relevant to your target consumer. 

A good positioning should follow four principles:

  1. A brand must establish a clear position in the minds of its target customer

  2. The position should be singular, providing one simple and consistent message

  3. The position must set a company apart from its competitors

  4. A brand cannot be all things to all people - it must focus its efforts.

What we do.

We support businesses in developing the positioning for their brand by delivering the methodology and tools, steering the process and leading the workshops where the core strategic development work takes place.

We prepare and moderate the workshops which are founded on an in depth analysis of the company's core strengths and the opportunities in the business environment. 

This unique methodology enables the stakeholder team to focus on developing the strategic content of the brand positioning.

BRAND positioning wheel

BRAND positioning wheel

Your Benefit

The outcome will be a clearly defined brand positioning articulating what the brand stands for in terms of benefit, values, personality and core promise, as well as clearly determining who the brand is targeting in terms of consumers.

Sharing this clearly articulated brand positioning across the organisation will help ensure that everyone working on the brand knows and understands what exactly the brand stands for and how this should be translated into all marketing and communication activities. Brand workshops and trainings are key tools to trigger the implementation process within the organisation.